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Trying to use the AWS CLI tools to manage my ec2 instances, specifically to shutdown and launch. Tried to launch and the error keeps coming back stating that the ami doesn't exist....it's what I got from the image name.

Please help, need to resolve this asap.

Here is the name of the fill AMI-ID: turnkey-lamp-13.0-wheezy-amd64.ebs_4 (ami-f5d0b582)

Here is the command I tried: ec2-run-instances ami-f5d0b582 -t m3.medium -k my-security-group

Here is the error I get: Client.InvalidAMIID.NotFound: The image id '[ami-f5d0b582]' does not exist (Serv
ice: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidAMIID.NotFound; Request ID:



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TBH I'm not much of an expert with Amazon but IIRC you need to specify the '--region' too don't you?
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Hi Jeremy 

No region needs to be supplied.

Linked to the same issue. I created a snapshot of this server and tried to create another server for testing, the only instance type I can launch is a micro instance as it says the AMI image I created doesn't support HVM virtualization.

Is there something I'm missing ito working with Turnkeylinux images i.e. if I create an image of one with my software loaded can I only use it in certain ways? If not, can you advise why I can't create larger instance types?

This is so urgent as I'm trying to create a production environment with failover and understand aws but not turnkey ito server provisioning.

Please help.




Kind regards


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My googling found a couple of people with the same error that reported it being resolved by explicitly specifying the region (although at least one of them said they shouldn't have to). As I said I'm no AWS expert but I figure it's worth a try...

With regards to HVM, currently none of the TurnKey appliances support HVM. It's a newer virtualisation format that all new Amazon infrastructure supports. We will need to support it ASAP but we aren't there yet... More reading on the AWS docs

As to working with images on Amazon my understanding is that there shouldn't be anything particularly special about TurnKey images that would make them any different to any other OS (especially a Linux OS). Although I guess the fact that all our images are PV based (not HVM) may be an issue in some regions/zones? And definitely for some size instances (some of the new server sizes only support HVM).

With regard to launching new instances in general, all of my AWS experience is limited to the Hub. I have had some experience using commandline; but even then I always use HubTools (via the Hub API). FWIW (probably worth nothing...) I was successfully launching AMIs via the Hub API week before last...

Also FYI v14.0 is now available if you are a Hub user...

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