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Hi all, I've stumbled my way through setting up a moodle deployment, but have ended up with two AWS instances, a micro and a small, I'm almost certain that I only want a small, but both DNS point to the same active moodle location.. thoughts?


Also, what setting do I need to attack to enable https? THe site is giving new users the warning about it being unsecure in chrome.

I apologise for my ignorance on these matters.

Thanks in advance. 



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So I would select that one that you don't want in the Hub and click the "destroy" button.

TBH I'm not sure how you managed to get the DNS pointing to both of the appliances as that shouldn't be possible within the Hub. But sounds like you managed! :) Anyway, the DNS won't actually resolve to both of them (even if it appears that it does). Once you have destryed the undesired one then you'll need to check the DNS. Hopefully the Small instance had the DNS; otherwise you will need to wait for that to resolve.

HTTPS is already enabled. The reson why you are getting the warning is because by default TKL servers use what is called a "self-signed" certificate. THey are good because you can make them yourself and they are free. However because they are self-signed there is no authority that your server is what it says it is. So if you want to remove that warning then you'll need to purchase a certificate (that matches your domain name) from a third party certificate authority (CA). Web browsers already trust these third party CAs so any certificates issued by them should work...

It's a bit of a process but is fairly well documented around the net and usually CAs have detailed instructions on how to install new certificates. ZIf you keep in mind that TurnKey is built on Debian and the Moodle appliance uses the Apache webserver you should be able to find tons of info via google (something like "debian apache install ca cert" should give plenty of results).

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Jeremy, has anyone told you that you're an absolute champion. Apologies for the late reply, I wanted to resolve all of the issues that you clarified before responding. But you're all over it. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.

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Glad you got it all sorted. :)

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