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I have configured all that I know to config..  Had the site for a bit "mago.tklapp.com" but then can't get back to it even with the IP address in Magento front and back ends.

Did just get to IPAddress:Webmin  but the tklapp does not find it (and it seems TKLAPP can't find it either)




The site you are looking for is currently not available.

TKLAPP.com is a free dynamic DNS (DynDNS) service provided by the TurnKey Hub.
It includes a simple to use web interface as well as a powerful API.


I know there are bigger fish to fry but is reminding me to use Static IP's (this one does have one) and set my own DNS.  Just wanted to do some testing is why I have not done so.


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Back to it with some more time.  Need to move a Database in as well.

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Magento has a cart.  Cart's need real SSL.  I doubt one would want to put (or could put) a SSL cert on the tklapp.com domain.   At least users could not.

Then again, there could be a "Wildcard Domain Based" cert that could cover all of tklapp. com.   Now there is some potential liability.

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Under normal conditions a DNS update should only take 5-10 mins max. Sometimes though it can take longer (e.g. your ISP may cache DNS). This means that any tklapp.com domain you have used before, that you then reassign, may take a little while before it works. In my experience using a reliable DNS like google DNS ( helps.

You can check if that's the problem using ping like this:

ping mago.tklapp.com
Take note of the IP it connects to and check that against the public IP of your server - they likely won't match as your DNS is not up to date.

IMO the best thing is to get an "elastic IP". One per instance is free; however if they're not attached to a running instance, AWS charge for them.

Yeah having a wildcard cert for tklapp.com would be cool for users; but like you say could open a whole can of worms for TurnKey...

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The Magento system is a bit complicated as it registers a Host Name no matter and if you start with a tklapp name you can't then jump to anohter Host Name as Magento won't work.

I used to have it that I could run Magento from a simple IP address...  I don't really know all the sttings that go into the New Magento setups but all my Host Name based settings do not work in any New Appliance I try to bring a database into.

I will get to working it out.  Don't worry about this right now.  I'm not working on it now for one thing.

Thanks for all the comments here and there!

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