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we are using etherpad version 14   .  it is much better then v13 as administration and plugins are available from the initial install.

since there is much active etherpad addon delevopment going on , I'd like to keep etherpad lite software up to date.  I did not see a way to do so from webmin or existing cron script.

so I assume the following is how to keep etherpad up to date?

cd /opt/etherpad-lite 

git pull
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And this pretty much confirms it from my reading!

Googling I did find someone mentioning that the service should be stopped first (which sounds like good advice) and also recommended re-running the install-deps script (/opt/etherpad-lite/bin/ after the git pull; which also seems reasonable.

Personally I'd be inclined to test it in a test server before applying it to a production server to be on the safe side...

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