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Just floating around the Hub.  Curious about the x50 pricing variable:

This page says TKLBAM Storage is .15 per GB



This page says TKLBAM Storage is .03 per GB


Is there a separate "account" setup for Backups than the Server System?

Why not default everyone to the "Free" one if there is?

thanks in advance.



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missing decimal, but still off by something.


Also this page indicating .03 per gb while my account is saying .15 per gb.


Total size and monthly cost of all backups:Amazon charges $0.03/GB/month for ultra-durablecloud storage. Backups start at just 10KB for a freshly installed server. Yeah, kilobytes.

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Hey Landis. We have made some changes to the Hub and currently there are 2 pricing structures in place. The old/original plan and the new/updated one. That is why you find 2 different pricing models. To make it easier I'll answer your question in 2 parts:

First to explain what has happened. Originally TKLBAM (via the Hub) used Amazon DevPay for billing. This meant that we managed the creation etc of the S3 bucket for storage and bundled the price of storage and a margin into a single price per GB for backups. In a recent Hub update we have added a new billing provider (Stripe) and reduced the depth of the S3 integration. Currently it still requires an Amazon S3 account but ultimately we'd like to provide Hub support for alternate storage providers (perhaps even Hub managed local user storage of backups?). But because we can no longer add a margin onto storage costs we needed to change our pricing model.

So to clarify the pricing: Under the old model we collect a fee from users (currently $0.15 per GB), pay our billing costs, pay for the storage costs and whatever is left over is profit (which we use to cover other costs such as the website server, Hub backend and frontend servers, and S3 AMI storage costs, etc). As I mentioned above, this is no longer possible under our new model so we had to rejig the pricing. Under the new model, we make no premium on storage fees, you pay them direct to Amazon. And then assuming that you have more than one server you pay TurnKey a (currently $10/mth) TKLBAM subscription fee.

For users with large backups (and/or only one server) the new pricing structure will be much cheaper. But for users with multiple small backups it will be much dearer. Ultimately we will look to migrate everyone to the new plan(s) but we are not yet (quite) able to easily and smoothly do that. Theoretically you should be able to cancel your current TKLBAM plan and set up a new one. But TBH I am not 100% sure how that will go if you are also currently using Hub servers (it shouldn't matter but I can't currently confirm). Also it will mean that you will lose all your existing backups in the process.

If you don't want to lose your existing backups then you'll need to wait until Liraz completes the migration infrastructure (so you can keep your current backups and move them to the new plan).

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As usual, many things are not easy.  I think I will save $ with the new plan even though I try to trim the tree frequently.

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My guess is that the TKLBAM migration is not ready yet.  I should go delete some.  If I am braze I would delete them all but I need a few.  Argh.

Do post when the plans change.


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Alon and Liraz have been working hard on this and it's getting quite close to complete. As often happens though we have had some new priorities pop up so it isn't quite done yet. AFAIK Alon & Liraz should be switching back to this really soon. I'm not sure if it's an option (for them or you) but perhaps you may be interested in doing some beta testing with some not-so important backups?

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