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I'm using a TLKAPP server on AWS (via hup.turnkeylinux.org), and I've got an issue:

I'm getting charged for an un-used Elastic-IP.  

Now this is what I've done: 

Within the server section, I clicked on "Associate Elastic IP".  This gave me an error, saying that my server is part of a VPC, and therfore can't have an elastic IP associated.  I thought nothing more of it, until I got a bill.

Now I've looked through the EC2 section of AWS console and the VPC section, and neither seem to think that I've got an elastic IP allocated.

I also can't see any elastic IP management features within the hub.turnkey console.

If I select "Associate with Elastic IP" again, then I see that I seem to have one elastic IP, but I see no way to get tot he management features to release it.

Any Ideas?.


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So it seems that the way to find it is via the AWS console

I needed to select the correct region, then it appeared in the EC2 console, and once I'd found it it was easy enough to release.

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The Hub's "elastic IP" feature got broken in some regions by AWS updates a while ago. We will be working on a fix but no idea on an ETA.

Thanks too for posting back with your workaround. I'm sure that will help others out! :)

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