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I've got an Windows 2012r2 domain combined with Linux Debian 8. I'll use Debian for my shares, roaming profiles.

I'm kind of new in Linux but Linux server is allready in the domain and I can access succesfully shares and create files from Linux on my Windows Domain Controller. So far so good!

But when I want to set Windows permissions on that share i get an error ; failed to enumerate objects in this container.

I hope someone can help me into the right direction :)
Im working with Debian 8.2 combined with Samba 4.1.17

Kind regards,

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However our current release is based on Debian Jessie and we use Samba4 in both our fileserver and domain-controller appliances.

However our fileserver is not configured as a domain member fileserver and upstream Samba suggest that using the Domain controller as a fileserver as well is not recommended...

So unfortunately I don't know enough to be able to help you at all. It'd be great if you posted back when you work it out though as I'm sure it'll help others.

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Hi Jeremy,


Thanks for your reply.

I fixed the problem by editing my fstab. At the moment i'm not able to get my Linux virtual but I addes some attributes and now I can set my NTFS rights.


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