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Has anyone else experienced problems (blankpage) with the Extension Manager plugin from the v14 OVA?

This is how it installed (which may go without saying):"
Debian 8.1 (Jessie)
PHP 5.6.14
Apache 2.4.10
DokuWiki Release 2014-05-05a "Ponder Stibbons"

Thanks for any tips you have!

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Unfortunately I have no idea... However thanks for reporting.

Sometimes blank pages are caused by problems with code compatibility; if so often details will be logged in the Apache log file (/var/logs/apache2/error.log) which might give you a pointer. Another possibility is permissions issues; they should appear in the log file too.

If you can provide info on how I can reproduce and test I may have time to have a look myself.

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All I did was deploy the OVA and configure and IP address. Upon first visiting the wiki and clicking to the Extension Manager, I immediately got the blank page. Simple enough I'm confident I didn't break it. Also, it should be easy to reproduce.

In the error.log I found this:  

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class DokuHTTPClient in /usr/share/dokuwiki/inc/HTTPClient.php on line 18

Others had success by removing the XCache extension for PHP. I did that (which worked), then upgraded to the latest version of Dokuwiki (Detritus). I'm going to reinstall XCache on Detritus on Monday and see what happens.
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A number of newer PHP apps appear to do this with XCache enabled (moodle springs to mind). FWIW TurnKey also has Zend OPcache enabled; so disabling XCache may be the best solution... It'd be great if you post back with your findings.

Regardless I have added this to the TurnKey Issue Tracker (#495).

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