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I'm new to this TKLDev and I have the following question :

How can I build multiple applications for a single applicance ISO image?

For instance, I would like Bugzilla and IceScrum on a single ISO image, not 2 seperate ones.

Thanks for the help.

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Currently the appliance build code is provided for individual appliances and is not really designed to (easily) do what you want. However you could combine the contents of to appliance's build code into one. But some tweaks will probably be required. Especially considering the appliances that you wish to combine. Bugzilla is hosted by Apache and IIRC iceScrum is Tomcat based. Possibly the best way to go would be to use Apache as a proxy for iceScrum...

Out of interest what is your reason for wanting to combine them? Unless you are running on really old hardware or very limited resources I would advise running them as separate VMs. If you want them available from a single domain name (or IP) then you could configure a reverse proxy.

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