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Is there any way to update the MongoDB version on TKL MongoDB version 14.0? Ned to have version 3.0 on MongoDB, not 2.4.10 as it's now.

And how do I add a new root admin user from the ssh command prompt for MongoDB?

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TurnKey uses the version of MongoDB from the Debian repos. As a general rule that is the best way to do it as then you will get security patches auto installed. However that is not really relevant if there are features that you need for a newer version of MongoDB.

IMO the next preferred path would be to add a backported version but unfortunately that is not currently an option. "Experimental" in the only Debian repo that has a version of MongoDB that is v3.x. And IMO that is not a good path to take. Once that makes it's way into testing then there may be an option of a backport; but for now the only way to go would be to install it yourself from upstream.

Having said all that I just did a quick google and it appears that upstream provide their own MongoDB Debian repo. The docs look pretty good - have a look here. Also I found another link that relates to Debian Jessie explicitly (might be helpful as additional info).

I suggest that you document as you go and post back here then we may even be able to develop a helper script/package to make it easier for other who want to do the same thing. Also if you get stuck at all please feel free to ask. I'll try to help where I can.

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As per my above explanation we will most likely stick with the Debian (Jessie) packaged version (v2.4.10) at least until the next major version of TurnKey (v15.0).

OTOH if there is overwhelming demand, or someone makes a sufficiently convincing case for an update (e.g. unpatched showstopper bugs or incredibly compelling features) then we may reconsider that. If you'd like to open an issue on our tracker outlining your rationale for using a newer upstream source please feel free.

As noted above TurnKey v15.x will be based on Debian Stretch. Currently Stretch only has MongoDB v2.6.12 but its actually slated for removal from Stretch due to some build bugs (have a look here if you're interested). Although v3.2.9 is in "experimental and may make it into Stretch between now and Stretch's stable release!?

If MongoDB isn't in Stretch at all, then we will be forced to install from upstream for v15.0.

As I mentioned above installing from upstream should be fairly easy and if you (or someone else) wishes to investigate and document that then that would be awesome. If that happens, perhaps we could even provide a helper script to facilitate easy upstream upgrade?

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