i created a little minecraft server with MineOS and everything works fine but i need help

i can access the webmin on but i want it to be

same with webshell to

and the Mineos webinterface to


i hope you can help me.

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But you'll need to configure a reverse proxy. The primary reason why ports are used is because only one service can listen per port.

So if you want them as sub-directories then you'll need a reverse proxy listening locally on the other ports and proxying those other services to your desired access port. AFAIK all webservers can be configured as reverse proxies; however you may find that the easiest way to go is to use pound as it is designed from the ground up as a reverse proxy and (at least on face value) appears to be quite easy to configure. I can't confirm that it's totally relevant but the Ubuntu wiki looks like it might be a good resource to get you started. FWIW TurnKey is Debian under the hood, but Ubuntu is a Debian derivative so should be close enough. Following a quick glance the only thing that jumped out at me was that in TurnKey you are using the root account by default so you do not need to use the sudo prefix for system commands...

Good luck and if you get stuck please feel free to write back. No promises but I'll try to help if I can! :)

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