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Just downloaded and setup in XenServer the latest TKLDev (turnkey-tkldev-14.0-jessie-amd64) and two things I have come across:

1) Webmin and Web-shell do not function. Tried it with and without HTTPS, different browsers and different luck

2) I get this:

fab-chroot build/root.sandbox 
error: no such chroot (build/root.sandbox/)

and this

fab-chroot build/root.tmp
error: no such chroot (build/root.tmp/)

not sure if anybody else has experienced this. Im not a linux expert but I can muddle my way around.  And help or ideas would be appreciated.

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did a little research and got the webmin/shellinabox/ running right.  did not realize that in 14 that they run behind stunnel4, so had to get that service up to... about the sandbox...

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after doing more research it appears that if you run webmin or shellinabox nothing will we live and learn.

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Yep; it's disabled for a reason! :)

As all the servers use it; you will get a port clash if it's also running on the host! :)

IMO it probably should be noted that they're disabled on the confconsole page? Or maybe they shouldn't be included at all in TKLDev?

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