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I have a problem with the last version of Turnkey Observium 14.0. It all goes well during installation and configuration but I'm not able to add a single device to the list. I'm not changing any file or setting... just right out of installation, I always receive the message "Could not ping ...".

Before that I was using Turnkey Observium 13.0 and it worked flawlessly, without changing anything after installation. I tested both versions on the same machine and always the same message "Could not ping ..." on the 14.0 version. 

Any idea of what could be wrong?


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This is a known "issue". Ironically we were going to "fix" it for v14.1 but as noticed by Stefan Observium recommend not enabling that feature and instead using the CLI. So if you wish to change this behaviour you can do so by following the instructions, otherwise use the commandline to add devices.

Also FWIW there are 2 other issues (here and here) which will be fixed for v14.1.

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As v14.1 is a maintenance release (which generally won't include updated versions of upstream software) it shouldn't take too ling to complete.
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Perhaps you can help produce one?! That'd be awesome! :)
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If you read my post above or the top of the top post of the issue you'll note that we leave it disabled by default, as it has security implications. Enabling it is as easy as this>.

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