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Thanks for taking the time to read and assist. 

I have a turnkey wordpress server setup in my vmware enviornment. Today this server (give) stopped responding to external pings and I was alerted. The problemt that i am facing is:

1. Virtual Machine (VM) responds to pings to the nic (, but does not serve webpages. nor does it allow connection over ssh. This is a Plain Jain install of TKWP

2. I have isolated that its not a vmware, storage or host issue. This is exclusivly an issue with apache serving pages. 

3. I have other Turnkey appliances that are working great on same hardware.

4. Services checked - 
service webmin status - webmin (pid3111) is running
service apache2 status - Apache2 is running (pid 2105)


This server was workign great this morning, but now is not accessible. Im not a linux guru, so Im hoping another member might have some thigns to try to get this back up and running! 


Thanks in advance!



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So it stopped responding to pings but it responds now? That sounds like something went really wrong, but it has sort of recovered... The fact that you can't access it via SSH is also troubling...

Perosnally I'd be inclined to try to troubleshoot what the actual problem is/was so that you can ensure that it doesn't happen again in the future. So can you log into the machine? If so the first place I'd be looking is the logs to try to work out what happened. All the logs should be in /var/log.

Beyond that it might also be worth checking the resource usage since it was last working (if you can do that on the VMware host - I use Proxmox which allows me to do that but only for the last hour by default).

If you run out of ideas you could try just rebooting but they may or may not give you a desirable result.

Actually I just had a brainwave! I recall having a similar issue and it was caused by an IP conflict (i.e. a new server started with the same local IP). I'd check that out...

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