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Edmond writes via email:

Dear reader,

I have been testing the Etherpad instance but it keeps crashing.

What happens: when i try to use out of the box and open a new pad, it will hang with a message saying 'loading' and it ends with the message:

... javascripts/lib/ep_etherpad-lite/static/js/pad.js?callback=require.define at line 266'

It seemed to me that it only happened using http; so I forced nginx to SSL and installed Let's encrypt. This seemed to work fine. But then the error came back.

Searching the web there was suggested that the dabase should be changed to utf8mb4, which I did. ( But this doesnt solve it.

So now I am turning to you as it seems that I cannot find the issue at hand.

Thanks in advance,

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So is this a new server running v14.0? Have you made any modifications or did it do this right from the start? I'll try to reproduce it and see what happens...
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Although I noticed that you had a written a response on the pad. And that it appeared to be an issue behind your work proxy when using http.

Maybe you should just redirect http to https?

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