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Please will someone direct me towards the location to disable or remove the inserted footer :

Thanks in advance
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I know this was discussed recently but I can't for the life of me find the thread. I wonder what happened to it?

Anyway, the footer is provided by a combination of CSS and the Apache mod_substitute module.

So the easiest way to disable it (assuming you aren't using mod_substitute for something else) is to just disable it like this:

a2dismod substitute
service apache2 restart

Otherwise you can tweak the CSS

Please keep in mind though that it takes us a huge effort to create and maintain these appliances and if you are removing the footer (which is essentially marketing for us) then please consider other ways in which you might be able to contribute. E.g. buy a subscription to TKLBAM (via the Hub), contribute code and/or feedback, even just telling your friends and colleagues about us helps.

Actually as a Joomla user/developer, giving some feedback on anything that doesn't work as smoothly as it probably should, or ways that we could make the appliance better would be pretty handy! :)

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Hey Jeremy,


I wouldn't mind the footer but it is messing up my current footer.  And I have talked you up already with a few guys.  I have no issue putting turnkey in my own footer.

Could you direct me a little bit more to where the mod_substitute module is.  I have scoured my FTP but with no luck.  Am I looking in the wrong place?  Sorry still new to the backend of things.

Thanks so much to you and the community already for what help I gotten just by searching the forum.




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Thanks man.  Figured it out.



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Thanks for sharing the love around! :)

Although sorry to hear that it was messing with you current footer.

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