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I set up yesterday a new, empty TKL (thanks for this possibility!) for redmine. Now I want to access webmin (for database backup etc).

Unfortunately I installed the system with us-keyboard layout, and also configured the webmin password with ths keyboard. So now I'm confused what I used as login and password for webmin. I still have access to the machine via SSH. There seems to be a ""-script to reset the password of webmin, but where can I find it? Or are there any other possibilities to reset the webmin password?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions



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Webmin uses the root user & password. If you want to use a separate user then you can install sudo and add a new user (and add them to sudoers - all sudo users can also access Webmin).

IIRC if you want an independent Webmin user; then you actually need to install something else (Virtualmin IIRC).

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