Hi All ,

We have problem when import contents from Moodle 2.7

The message is " unknown mime type unknown/unknown"

Please advice if anyone of you have solution/clue






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Sorry, I'm not much help on this one...

A quick google turned up only a few similar errors (2 from April last year and one from December last year). Noen of them seemed directly related (actually they all are related to importing Canvas courses back into Canvas).

The first 2 I found:

But neither of them appear to have any solution, just a suggestion that perhaps the file is corrupt!?

The third looks potentially positive and suggests a workaround. TBH it looks a bit hacky to me (and the forum is in Spanish; I used Google Translate to read it). FWIW here is the translated version: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=s...

In case you can read Spanish, here is the original: https://foro.elhacker.net/scripting/iquestque_significa_este_error-t4336...

If I were you, I would be inclined to join the Instructure mailing list and ask them direct (as suggested in the GitHub issue).

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