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The front-end section of a new Pligg install works great but the admin link leads to a placeholder page: http://metry.tklapp.com/


Any clue why this is happening?






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I initially tested on your site. On the landing page (which appears to actually be the "news" page) I clicked the "admin area" text and it sent me to http://metry.tklapp.com/admin/admin_login.php?return=%2Fadmin%2F so I thought perhaps you meant that that the weird redirected happened after login.

So I launched a new v14.0 t2.small Pligg server (from the Hub). First thing I noticed is that my login page looks different so I'm guessing that you're actually using an older version of TurnKey than me (v13.0?). Is that right? The "admin area" text link refers me to http://pligg-test.tklapp.com/admin/admin_login.php?return=/admin/ Note the fact that my ?return= path includes slashes where as yours has %2F (the HTML hex code for a slash) instead.

Out of interest I tried manually typing that into mine (i.e. http://pligg-test.tklapp.com/admin/admin_login.php?return=%2Fadmin%2F) and guess what?! When I do that, after login I also get redirected to http://www.pligg-test.tklapp.com/admin/admin_index.php and it does't work...

But when I login, it correctly sends me back to http://pligg-test.tklapp.com/admin/

So my guess is that you are using an old version of TurnKey Pligg and it is a bit buggy. Is there any reason why you're not using the latest?

FWIW I also noticed that the "Home" link on yours redirects to (which is localhost). The home link on mine, correctly redirects to http://pligg-test.tklapp.com/ Also the Admin Avatar is missing on yours; using google chrome dev tools I discovered that that is trying to load from too.

Please note that the above links will no longer work as I destroyed my instance...

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I thought I had posted something but I guess I failed to hit submit.


Thanks for responding.


I see that if I follow the "admin area" link in the post it goes to the admin area correctly. Ehen I follow the "Admin" link in the navbar, however, I end up on a blank page telling me the page doesn't exist.


Also, I notice that "www" is appended to the URL when I folow the "Admin" link in the navbar. Why does the "www" get appended?



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And your response suggests that either your didn't read my post properly, or didn't understand it. I say that as I'm pretty sure I answered your questions (from this new post) in my previous post (above).

So to reiterate:

  • What version of TurnKey are you using?
  • Where are you running it? (Actually maybe I didn't ask this question)
  • Not sure why the 'www' is appended but it appears to be a consequence of the the url that your server is referring you to when you click the "admin area" link. I.e. it is giving you a wrong url!


    Problem: I suspect that you are launching from the Amazon MaketPlace. Unfortunately there are only the old v13.x appliances there at the moment. As such you are using a v13.x appliance (not the latest v14.0) and the version of Pligg installed in the old appliance has a bug. To be honest I'm not sure why no one ever reported this before, but that's how it is. As this is a really old version and we have a new version that does not have this bug we will not be backporting a fix.

    Solution: Use the new v14.0 appliance which does not have the same bug! If you want to launch it on Amazon and can't wait, then you can use the Hub. Otherwise you'll need to be patient and just work around the issue for now. The new appliances are coming to the MarketPlace. We have uploaded them, but we don't have an ETA from Amazon on when they'll be public yet.

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    Jeremy, I did read you the first time and I did try to respond but I guess I failed to hit submit.

    My first launch of Pligg was from Amazon but I've since dropped that install.

    I then installed from the turnkey hub and the server is listed as pligg-14.0-jessie-amd64. Is this Pligg v14?

    My browser (and myself) are requesting these pages from Louisiana, USA.

    Just to note, the problem link is in the navbar and not the "admin area" link in the post. This is somewhat concerning becuase the navbar link leads through 'admin_index.php' authentication checks that seem to be failing.

    Thanks for responding and I am in now hurry. I'm just trying to figure out why certin functions aren't working.

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    I didn't mean to sound like I was giving you a hard time, it's just that I thought that I had already answered and you hadn't read properly or didn't understand. Anyway...
    ... listed as pligg-14.0-jessie-amd64. Is this Pligg v14?

    Yes. The 14.0 part of it (i.e. pligg-14.0-jessie-amd64) means that it is version 14.0. The next release will be v14.1.

    ... the problem link is in the navbar and not the "admin area" link in the post ...

    Hmmm, ok I'll need to have another look at it.

    And even if I seem a bit grumpy sometimes, I do really appreciate you posting. Together we'll make all the appliances better! :)

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