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I've install turnkey-gitlab 13.0 on my new vps. but i also need a hosting control panel to manage my other domain. may you list hosting control panel that work at vps installed turnkey-gitlab ?


I've try to install vestacp, but vestacp need to remove nginx and mysq-server first.

Thank you

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TurnKey already contains Webmin which should provide almost anything you would need I would imagine.

When you say "Hosting Control Panel" what are the features that you actually need? In what way do you hope to manage your other domain?

Perhaps VirtualMin may be of value to you? I have never used it but AFAIK it works well with Webmin. Having said that though, the version of Webmin in v13.0 is really old. You may need to remove the existing Webmin and install yourself from upstream to be compatible...

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why do you not place webmin update at turnkey repo? so i can update it by 'apt-get update'


I think turnkey is not best distro if i want to distro that always updated. Turnkey just provide new version that must reinstall from old version.


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Some of your criticism is valid. But in fairness you are using a server that was released almost 2 years ago. There are no security vulnerabilities in the version of Webmin installed so no need to update (other than convenience).

In a perfect world we would love to do all the things that would be awesome to do, but we have limited resources so we need to target our energies into the things that help the most people. At this point we do not have resources to support the old versions; only the latest version.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Turnkey just provide new version that must reinstall from old version". TKLBAM is designed to make migrating your data to a new version fairly straight forward. Depending on the specific appliance there may still be some tweaks that need to be made, but your data is transferred.

Also keep in mind that under the hood, TurnKey is Debian, so you can upgrade the OS as per any other Debian install if you'd rather. We just recommend using TKLBAM to migrate your data to a new server as it has much less chance of destroying your data (your old server will still exist until you explicitly destroy it).

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Is it true that TKLBAM is paid service that provide by AWS ?


if it true, if i want to upgrade turnkey, i have to pay.

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It is nothing to do with Amazon, other than by default it uses Amazon S3 storage to store your backups.

It is free for one server or $10/mth for unlimited servers. But you still need to pay Amazon for the storage costs ($0.03/GB/mth last time I checked).

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