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I have a Turnkey Samba domain Controller that I have been using as a file server for a few years. I am setting up a new one now and started with the latest Turnkey 14.0 before I noticed that it was Samba 4, not 3, and that the Domain controller info page does not reccomend using this as a file server. Having some issues getting it to work on my network. Would I be better off just rolling back to the older version, rather than trying to get this to do something that is not reccomended?

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I've been deep in dev mode working on v14.1 and missed quite a few forum posts... And yours was one. Deep apologies...

TBH I don't know why it is not recommended to use a single server for both Domain Control and fileserving. However it is a recommendation from Samba so I thought it best to pass it on.

But to answer your question(s), it really depends on your usage scenario. FWIW Samba4 can still use Samba3 config (and provide a Samba3/Win NT domain as per previous TurnKey versions). It will take a little tweaking but there should be no reason why you couldn't upgrade to the new Domain Controller and use your old config. Regardless of that, even for the fileserver appliance, there are a few gotchas between v13.0 & v14.x. They are documented in this (fileserver) thread. Even though that's for the fileserver appliance, if you plan to migrate your DC to v14.x then that will be helpful I expect.

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