I have set up a new account and I have three servers in total. I have run full backup on two them and they appear in S3 all good. The problem is the two servers are both using the same turnkey image ie Turnkey Postgres therefore in the backup control panel  I have two identically labelled backups.

On the restore list in Webmin both backups are listed for each server even though they do not apply. I appreciate you need to be able to restore a backup to a new server but very easy to get confused when you have duplicate labels and you restore the wrong back up to the wrong server.

is it possible to those follows.

1. In Webmin have option to filter so that only backups applicable to the server are displayed or show all backups

2. Change the label in order to differentiate  between backups.




For reference I resolved this as follows.

When you create a backup for the first time you get a backup ID which you can see in webmin.

Logon to the hub account - go to the backup list - select the backup with the matching ID

You can then edit the backup label to make sense.

Refresh your list of backups on the restore tab in Webmin and the new label will appear.

I've just started out with this so not sure how long the backup list is going to get if we do daily incremental will for both servers.


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What you did is more or less what I would have suggested if I'd been a bit quicker...!

FWIW your suggestions are both essentailly registered on our issue tracker. I think these 4 pretty much cover your 2 points:

  • [TKLBAM Webmin module] hide backups that apply to other servers
  • Rename TKLBAM backup set via HubAPI
  • [Hub] Server Labels aren't unique
  • improved support for annotation of individual TKLBAM backups?
  • If you want to "+1", have anything to add and/or have issues/ideas that aren't already noted please feel free to post on one/all of those and/or open a new issue. You'll need a GitHub account to do that but they're free...

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