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I know nothing about LXC. I downloaded and installed it to try it out. I am unable to connect to anything but SSH on the LXC box. All other connections are refused. http on 80, https on 443, 12320, 12321

Is there anything special about this image that locks it down further then the others?

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Hello Chaim,

I too started with LXC today without any prior knowledge to this system. I too stumbled upon the broken system after initialisation. It appears the recommended security updates break the SSL private key generation at nginx's end. I removed (in my case) the VMDK's and replaced them with the original, thus starting from scratch. After not choosing to install updates the box works on the mentioned ports after initialisation. You can still do a manual security update with (after entering shell with CTRL + ALT + F2)


which won't break the services

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That worked great. Thank you.

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I wonder why the initial update breaks it, but doing an update later doesn't? I'll have to investigate...
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We'll be rebuilding the affected appliances but in the meantime there is a proper workaround (so you can reboot and it still works). Please see the workaround here. That should permanently fix it... Please let me know as I've only tested it on the torrentserver but I'm 99.9% sure it's the same issue.

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