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Hi, when I tried to install the latest turnkey on a self builded computer with silicon raid I get this error message when I start up the installer. first its loading and second I get this.Error

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no one?

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What you have there is known as a "kernel panic". A kernel panic is caused by some sort of kernel/driver and hardware incompatibility. The real cause can be a multitude of different things and troubleshooting is a major PITA. Basically a kernel panic is the equivalent of a Windows BSOD. The causes can range from faulty hardware through buggy BIOS and on to driver and/or kernel bugs.

The first thing I would try is to see if the Live mode works. If that's the case then my guess is either a kernel option (that the install uses that the live mode doesn't) or hardware incompatibility (such as your RAID controller).

Beyond that, I am not really an expert with this sort of thing but there are 2 approaches that I would consider. Actually it might even pay to do both... One is to remove/swap out hardware as much as you can until (hopefully) it works. The other (or additional) approach is try different OS versions. E.g. try TurnKey v13.0 &/or v14.1; vanilla Debian Wheezy (base of v13.0)/Jessie (base of v14.x)/Stretch (current Debian testing); Ubuntu 14.04/15.04/15.10/upcoming 16.04; perhaps even other OS such as Arch etc too?!

Either way the goal is to isolate the piece of hardware and/or the kernel/OS version/configuration that is the causing the issue. From there you can try to see if there might be some workaround or configuration option that will resolve the issue.

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