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Linux wordpress 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt20-1+deb8u4 (2016-02-29) x86_64
Welcome to Wordpress, TurnKey GNU/Linux 14.0 / Debian 8.4 Jessie
I have two different VM's both on Hyper-V and since I upgraded (clean build) from prior release web designer has been complaining about responsiveness.
I know there is not a lot to go on here so let me know what you would like to see.
CPU usage on Hyper-V host for that VM is 12% but TOP shows like 3% usage.  Not sure if it is a bigger Debian 8.4 and Hyper-V 2012R2 issue or what but looking for some help if possible.
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System information (as of Wed Apr 20 15:51:01 2016)
System load: 0.23 Memory usage: 21%
Processes: 111 Swap usage: 0%
Usage of /: 2.4% of 51.06GB IP address for eth0: 
Hyper-V shows CPU usage of 12% of host total by that VM.
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And we're all Linux users so that probably won't change any time soon. FWIW though we do hope to get images on Azure (which I would assume uses Hyper-V under the hood?) at some point so it is highly desirable to get TurnKey running sweetly on Hyper-V...

My understanding is that to run on Server 2012 (or later) you need to use a "legacy" (type 1?) Hyper-V VM profile (sorry if my terminology is out; like I say I don't really know much about it). If you're using the newer (type 2?) profile then perhaps it's worth trying the "legacy" one?

Secondly it is quite possible that there is some sort of bug (either in Hyper-V or the Debian kernel) that is causing this issue. As we have nothing to do with MS and use the current Debian kernel; bugs in either are essentially out of our control. Having said that it would be nice if we can get it working better for you.

When you say that it's only been since update, I'm assuming you mean from v13.x to v14.x? As I noted above we use the default Debian (Jessie aka 8.x) kernel - currently this one. A quick google suggests that you are not alone in having performance issues with Linux servers on Hyper-V although as per usual there are probably many different causes; many which may not be relevant. A suggest a good starting place would be MS TechNet's "Best Practices for running Linux on Hyper-V". The (very dated looking) "Running Debian in Windows Server's Hyper-V" may also be useful (although it does appear to be more aimed at desktop version of Debian)? If you keep in mind my above comments (about TurnKey being based on Debian) google will probably turn up a ton more suggestions that you will probably be able to judge the relevance of better than me...

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I can spin up an instance on VMware ESXi 5.1 (last release we paid for) and see if there is a similar issue.

As to MS support of Debian on Hyper-V the Gen 2 VM type won't even run the installer so yes Gen 1.

MS also no longer has a separate integration install (OS "hardware" drivers) saying that this is all in the Debian kernal as of 8.3 (Link to updated document)  and later.

Happy to help be your test case or debug platform as you wish. 

And as always, thanks for what you do.  If I could get them to host off premise I would!

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