Hi there,
I have a problem with an instance of my Turnkey installation.
I have one installation running on a vserver with a static IP adress.
Then I made an image (qcow2) of that installation and installed that image on another vserver with another static IP adress.
I booted the new vserver and got the start menu of Turnkey on my console.

There I changed the static IP adress. Now I could log in into that installation with my old credentials, but the webserver and no other service is reachable from outside. I also cannot ping external IP adresses.
The firewall of my vserver is disabled.
Is there any IP/firewall/hostname or whatever config, I have to edit via the console to get connected?

Thanks in advance.


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My first guess is that there is an IP clash (i.e. 2 computers on the one netwrok with the same IP). Best way to check that is allow the server to get an IP via DHCP and then see if it all works.

You can also try pinging the static IP with the server stopped; if you get any result then there is definitely a IP conflict. OTOH if you get no response then either it's something else or the other computer with that (clashing?) IP does not respond to ping/ICMP...

I´m sorry. It was not the fault of Turnkey.
My vserver provider asked me about my MAC address. 
I told him my old MAC (the MAC adress of the old server), but he wanted to know the new one, which I can figure out with ifconfig at the console from my new instance.
I´m wondering, because he should know the MAC address of his vserver.
After he changed the MAC address in his firewall/vserver config, my instance is now online.




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Glad to hear that you are up and running. :)

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