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Hi, I need to configure my Redmine to enable it to commute a mail to a task. So I have a mail address to which issues are sent by Redmine users, and I want this mail to become automatically a task. 

I have read that it can be done by fetching mail by IMAP server at the following link:


and a do want to try it.

My biggest issue is that I don't know really well how to run the rake task (Pardon me, I am not so skilled). I guess I have to identify the correct Redmine directory, but I don't know how (I have gut a poor basic Linux knowledge).

Can anyone explain me how to work it out? 

Thank you really in advance (sorry for my poor english too).





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Could it be in:


Thank you in advance, really.

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I'm not particularly familiar with Rails in general or Redmine in particular so can't really offer much help. Perhaps try asking on the Redmine forums?
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Hi there,

I've configured IMAP fetching from a gmail account, by configuring the plugin you can find at the following link:


I have tested the plugin, and it works but, unfortunately, when I run fetch (getting no errors) I cannot visualize any new signalation.

Any idea of the reason why nothing new is shown?

Thx in andvance, really.


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