Hi All,

I've successfully installed the Elgg 14.1 appliance in many different environments but I'm running into some issues with configuration.

Just working with a private IP when hitting the index page in a browser an Elgg page loads without style. Every link on the page goes to (https):// www . example . com . Also it seems like https is forced.

Are there additional configuration steps that need to be taken?

Things seem to be in order in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled but I just can't can't the index page to load with style and I can't seem to get the elgg database to point the site to the correct IP.


Any help would be great!


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So when we had to choose, we figured that https was preferable for software like Elgg.

And have you completed the firstboot inithooks? That's where you set the domain. It defaults to www.example.com hence why I asked...

If you could tell me which build you are using then that might give me some insight into what's going on...

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Once the initial configuration (via inithooks) is done you should not need to do any further customisation. It should just work... Although as I mentioned, missing styling for http is expected behaviour. That can be changed (to http) but I don't recall OTTOMH.

TBH it sounds like there is something wrong with it. I will have to have a look and see what I can see. My suspicion is that the url is not being changed properly and there are remnants that point to https://www.example.com. And I suspect that is why bits are missing (such as the styling).

Is it possible to get an older build?


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Liraz just cleaned up our mirror and removed all the old versions. Ideally it'd be nice to keep an archive of previous versions but we need to keep our costs down as much as possible...

But I have confirmed your issue and posted the bug on our tracker. I also posted a workaround there, but for completeness here it is again:

mysql --user=root --password="MYSQL_PASS" elgg --execute 'UPDATE `elgg_sites_entity` SET `url` = "https://www.example.net/" WHERE `guid` = "1";'
Where MYSQL_PASS is your root MySQL password and https://www.example.net/ is the desired URL
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Hi everyone,

Same here, I like to know if there's step by step procedure to fix this?

Thank you,


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The MySQL command in the code block in the post directly above yours (dated 2016/05/24) is the workaround! :)

The context/explanation is in the sentence after the code block.

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