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some weeks ago i test some things with an turnkey lamp on amazon EC2 and i also assigned an elastic IP for this server. After my tests i deleted the server. But now i still have to pay for usage of elastic IPs they are not assigned. On my EC2 dashboard are no elastic IPs visible, but i can see two elastic IPs in my turnkey hub under "AWS Resources". But deleting there fails with error message "Error: The address '' does not belong to you.".

Can everybody help?


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The Amazon console is broken down into regions. So you actually need to browse to the specific region where the elastic IP is to be able to see it. In the Hub under AWS resources it should show you the region. Match that in the AWS console (region drop-down; top right, second in from the the right). Here's a link that goes direct to US-West-1 (California).
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Thanks a lot. This was the solution!

Bye g.g.

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