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Just starting and in trouble already.

installed the ova for turnkey joomla but I do not know what to put in the first "joomla3 login:"

I thought it was "admin" but that and my password is not working


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When you run the firstboot scripts it should aks you to set your Joomla "admin" account password. You should then be able to use that password to log into the Joomla admin account. However, if you are trying to log in some other way (e.g. Webmin or Webshell/SHH) then you'll need to use your Linux root user account (i.e. "root") and the password you set for that. Adminer uses the MySQL "root" account and the password that you set for that.

If you can clarify exactly what you are trying to do and where/how you are trying to log in then hopefully I can help.

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