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I've run into an issue with local containers, TKLBAM/HUB and AWS.

Start with a container TKL template on Proxmox. Then do a backup to the Hub. Then deploy that, or restore it  (I've tried both ways), to a new AWS server.

The issue is that it looks like about 50 files in /etc (start up, networking, etc) are missing. This is most likely by design due to the structure of a container vs a VM. It makes sense that a container template would be different than a standard VM build.

The goal is Proxmox container -> backup at Hub -> AWS.

Am I missing something? Or is that just the expected behavior?


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It's been a long time since I've done what you are doing, but last I checked (migrated between AWS and an OVZ based container in PVE3.x) it worked. But perhaps things have changed and we need to give TKLBAM a bit of a tweak?

As I mentioned in the subject line TKLBAM should include all the important files and those missing should be excluded for a reason.

Perhaps you could explain a bit more what the actual problem that occurs is? TBH I'm not even clear that there is a problem (other than you've noticed some files not included in backup). Does it cause some functionality to not work? Or weird stuff to happen? Is there something that you need/want that's not in the backup?

PS I removed your unwanted post! :)

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Regardless I'm glad that everything is working properly now! :)

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