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Hi community!

Being a noob, I need som help here.  I've installed Turnkey Linux in Hyper-V enviroment, and it runs smooth! However, for a WordPress plugin called Document Gallery, I need the image handling features of Ghostscript

Can anyone tell me, step by step, how to add that to my LAMP?!?

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Uhm, that's almost embarrasing how easy that was.

  1. In Webmin, I wen't to System > Software Packages
  2. Chose Install a New Package > Package from APT
  3. Search APT
  4. Entered Ghostscript
  5. Install

After the install I rebooted the webserver. To make Document Gallery plugin recognize Ghostscript I removed and re-added it again. Then it works.




Using Turnkey WordPress and I LIKE it :)

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Webmin is pretty handy like that. It how I first started with TurnKey oh so many years ago! :)

Now I've got a bit comfortable I rarely ever use it. I'm not sure if I would have believed it if someone else told me this years ago, but it is honestly so much better than using a GUI!

So FWIW here's how you could achieve the same thing from the commandline:

Update local database of all package info:

apt-get update

Search for sequence "ghostscript" in package name, short description and long description:

apt-cache search ghostscript

Search just package name & short description:

apt-cache search ghostscript | grep ghostscript

Install desired package:

apt-get install ghostscript

Restart Apache (rather than having to reboot the server, obviously only applies to webserver/webapp config changes):

service apache2 restart

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