We have TKL 13.0 Debian 7.2 Wheezy on LAMP. We are starting a payment system using Stripe and they require libcurl and TLS1.2. Stripe will not work without it becasue of vulnerabilities with TLS1.0. I have installed libcurl 7.26.0 and have openssl 1.0.1e but TLS 1.2 still doesn't seem to be present. I tried to apt-get install libssl1.0.0 as someone suggested but it said I laready have the latest version. If I do an SSL test at ssllabs.com/ssltest it shows we only have TLS 1.0 and gives us a grade of "C". Indeed the Apache server in webmin under SSL Options for the site shows TLS v1.

I wonder if anyone can assist me to upgrade openssl so we have TLS 1.2, or if there is any workaround to get TLS 1.2. Apparently its a fairly big deal to have TLS 1.2 because of the vulnerabilities in earlier versions.


Many thanks


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The current TurnKey version is v14.1 and supports TLS 1.2 OOTB. When we developed v14.0 (late last year) we used ssllabs.com/ssltest to ensure that our servers got an "A" (excluding self signed certificates).

The easiest way to upgrade is to use TKLBAM to migrate your data to a new (v14.1) server. You will need to make some manual tweaks to get everything working as it should, but they should be minimal - mostly it will be related to Apache changes between v2.2 (in v13.x) & v2.4 (in v14.x).

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I know server upgrades can be a pain. But IMO if there's an option that allows you to upgrade properly to a supported OS, then it's much better to upgrade the whole server than to patch things in a hacky way... My 2c anyway.

Debian Wheezy (what v13.x was based on) has less than 2 years security updates left now. Upgrading to v14.x (Debian Jessie) now means that you won't be forced to do further upgrades until 2020 (unless something similar crops up).

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