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I have my server up and running, I can remote access the server, but I am not sure how to use its actual services.

When attempting to access the server by client I only get error saying "Failed to connect to ownCloud at the servers IP address with /status.php:Timeout"

Connection refused

I have no idea how to open or close ports on my client or server. Also once the server is running I would like to use a USB HDD on my network switch to store files from my desktop client. While this is quite useless since I could do that anyway with out the server, I need to show that I can do it and it is applicable to other more complicated situations I am learning about.

I have installed the mediaserver and that is up and running fine with very little setup required other than IP address.

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Although TBH I have never actually used it via a client. Can you access the url that is in the error from your web browser (on the same computer that the client is failing from)?

I.e. in the address bar type AFAIK it won't support connection via https using a self-signed SSL certificate (although perhaps that can be adjusted in the client config?)

Some time soon when I have some time I'll have to have a play with it. Problem is I don't have anything running Windows handy so it can be a little tricky. I have to enlist the help of friends! :)

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