I am seeing strange issue with 73-usb-net-by-mac.rules file.
This udev rule file has the check if the net.ifnames is defined in kernel command line then it will go to the end and skip the rules in between..as below:
IMPORT{cmdline}="net.ifnames", ENV{net.ifnames}=="0", GOTO="usb_net_by_mac_end"
Some how this is not working at my end. I mean I have net.ifnames=0 in my kernel commandline and still the usb net naming rule is getting executed. 
If I split the above rule line like below then it works fine as it supposed to work:
ENV{net.ifnames}=="0", GOTO="usb_net_by_mac_end"

Is it like the udev doesn't parse the keys after IMPORT key on the same line?
Could you please let me know if am doing something wrong or the rule needs to be chnaged?
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I have no idea! Actually to be blunt it appears that you have a better understanding of what you are looking at than me. I haven't played with any udev rules ever so won't be much help to you...

Assuming this is on a TurnKey system (or even a Debian system) I suggest that you post on the Debian mailing list.

Good luck.

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