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I just ran a Image Restore on Linode.com  of my 14.0 Joomla install.

Everything works however I am not able to access



I can get in to the Shell.

Do I need to do something to reset these to in STunnel?  If so how?

thanks for your help.


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If you are restoring a v14.x backup onto a v14.x machine then it should just work. However if you restore a earlier backup (e.g. v13.x) then you may have issues with Webmin. Webshell should still work though...

Other things to check:

All services running?

service stunnel4 status
service webmin status
service shellinabox status

Also IIRC the stunnel config file should be /etc/stunnel4/stunnel4.conf, make sure that it has been configured to provide the 2 services and is listening on the relevant ports.

You can double check the ports that are being listened to with

netstat -l
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It turned out that one more "reboot cycle" and the Ports came up.  Not sure why stunnel was not running just then, but seems to have been the case that it was not or was perhaps tied to the earlier port numbers (which change w/ restore for some reason).

The backup is a Standard Linode Snapshot (which seems to be the same as their regular backups but I can pull the trigger on one right before some sort of "big move" which might cause problems.

Glad it worked.

I think the issue was I restored to the Same VM rather than a new one and doing so may have had someting going on with the encryption.  I did notice that Linode throws the actual ports out there pretty randomly.  Perhaps that is a TKL thing.

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One reboot should have done it, but obviously not...

Keep in mind that if it's a system level "snapshot" type process, to be on the safe side you should stop the server before taking the snapshot. File level backups (like TKLBAM) are ok to backup while the server is running.

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