So REAL newb to Linux... have had TKL for less than a month now and am learning it as I go.  I understand that TKL FS is barebones... is there a command from terminal that could get me either Firefox or Opera (or another internet browser) installed or is that not an option? 

Every 'search' i do regarding this produces terminal commands that fail to get a brower installed.  Thanks for grace.


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TurnKey is designed to be a headless server (i.e. no screen, keyboard, etc). It is designed to be administered remotely via the network; either via commandline (SSH using something like PuTTY on Windows) or via web browser on a PC networked to your server.

Under the hood TurnKey is Debian so you can install whatever you like. But to install a web browser, you'll need to install a ton of other stuff including a window manager and a desktop environment. If you want a Linux desktop that's fine but you are probably better off just downloading a distro that is designed to be used as a desktop.

If you really want to push ahead with installing a web browser, then the first thing to do is decide on the desktop you want to install. You'll need to decide which is the best option for what you want to do and what resources you have available.

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