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Hi over there, I'm gonna make a silly question, so pardon me please:
I've tried and retried to write a simple note on Redmine calendar, but I must admit I cannot do it. 

Do I necessarily need add any plugin to be able to use Redmine calendar. 

I thank you in advance.

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TBH I have no idea. Whilst I think Redmine is really cool, I've never actually used it beyond basic testing.

So I'm not sure. It sounds like something that should be easily possible. But TBH I have no idea and am only guessing. Perhaps there is a bug in our appliance (config or dependency issue)? Or perhaps to do what you want does require some addon/plugin/etc?

I'll try to have a look ASAP but TBH it'll probably be a few weeks before I get a chance to look into it further. Perhaps it's worth asking on the Redmine forums? If it is a bug (or even if it's not) please post back if you find out.

Even just knowing for sure whether it should do what you expect (i.e. allow you to manually create calendar events) would be useful.

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hi Jeremy, thank you for your answer;

anyway, I have learned that my approach to Redmine calendar was logically wrong: in fact now I know that Redmine forces me to make a thing like this:

  • I create a new issue by selecting an activity
  • then Redmine uses the deadline I specified during the issue definition, to create a new entry on the calendar.

Now it makes sense to me.

Thank you again.

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So it was just a matter of understanding Redmine's workflow. Thanks for taking the time to post back.

Now the next person to hit that issue will find your answer in this thread! I've learned something and you've just made the internet a better place! Great work! :)

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Thank you Jeremy for what you've just explained me above, really.



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