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Hello everyone.  I am new to Turnkey Linux and still trying to figure it all out.  I am currently using Fileserver and loving how simple and effective it is over some of the others (FreeNAS, OpenFiler etc).  Here is where i need your help.  I had to reboot the server and the following message appeared;

error: Incompatible License, Entering rescue mode... Grub Rescue>

Could someone please advise as what this error is about and how to repair it as my fileserver which I am using for PLEX is still down.  Still being new, step to step process to repair would be greatly appreciated.  Thanx..

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Apologies on the very slow response.

That is a very weird issue to have and I've never come across it myself. I just had a quick google and it seems the error is caused by a module that grub (the bootloader) is trying to load, does not have a compatible license.

All the default TurnKey Linux modules should be fine so I wouldn't expect any issues there. Have you installed anything yourself which may explain this weirdness?

Having said that, the most common cause appears to be trying to load grub1 (v1.x<98) modules with grub2 (v1.98+). Is there a possibility that you had some older Linux OS installed at some point and grub is trying to load old modules from that?

Could you please rpvide a bit more info on how/where you are running the fileserver (e.g. bare metal install, VM on VirtualBox, something else...) and also what version of TurnKey it was (the current version is v14.1).

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