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I am trying to do a tklbam-restore to a Docker turnkeylinux/lamp-14.1 test container. The restore is failing for some reason, as indicated in the attached log file. If I restore this same website to a fresh Turnkey Lamp 14.1 virtual machine, it works fine. I am using Docker toolbox on Windows 8.1. Any ideas as to what the issue is?





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If you look at the log, the very last line says:
OSError: [Errno 16] Device or resource busy: '/etc/hosts'
AFAIK, under Docker the /etc/hosts file is read only and is not editable. I suggest that you exclude that from your restore. Then hopefully it should work. Another alternative is using a privileged container. Even if you just do that for the restore process itself? FWIW there are a couple of threads on GitHub that discuss the issue (of /etc/hosts being read only):

IMO this is somewhat a TKLBAM restore bug. Although I'm not totally sure what we should do with it. Ideally it should probably try to restore the /etc/hosts file but if that fails, then report it in the log as a warning and probably include the warning at the end of the restore (so the user is aware).

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