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I installed turnkey wordpress (turnkey-wordpress-14.0-jessie-amd64-disk1) on one computer and then I moved the vmdk to another computer.

Now when I boot up the VM I get the turnkey windows with all URL how to connect to it. The IP is

I can ping that IP and can ssh to that IP. If I do ifconfig on the box then can see the correct IP

When I type this IP to my web browser then I get The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

and the browser's address bar changes from to

I might have set up something on the VM box but I cannot remember.

Would someone be able to help me to fix that?

I am using

  • Win10
  • VirtualBox 5.1.8
  • wifi adapger

One of my old WP turnkey VM works fine.

Thank you


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Unless you really know what you are doing, probably the most reliable way to move VMs is to "export" them. I'm using VirtualBox 5.1.8 r111374 so probably similar to you...

On the VirtualBox main screen, ensure that the VM is stopped and select it in the left pane. From the "File" menu select "Export appliance..." and follow the prompts. Easy! :)

Having said that, fixing your new VM is probably fairly easy too. My guess is that it's a network config issue. From your post, it seems like your LAN subnet is Notice that the new VM IP is on a different subnet?! I.e. is on a totally different subnet ( to your LAN.

The first thing I'd try is ensuring that you are using "Bridged" networking. If that's definitely ok, then I suggest removing the vNIC (virtual network interface) from the VM and re-add it.

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Hi Jeremy

thank you for your reply.

I am not able to export the VM any more. I do not have access to the original VirtualBox. I thought that copying vmdk file was good enough.

I created brand new VM using that vmdk. I was not able to use bridged networking but after upgrading VirtualBox to the latest versioon my old VM (turnkey too) works fine. It's using the same network settings.

Now I deleted the VM that I created yesterday and then created new one from scratch. The result is the same.

I would suspect that the vmdk remembers some settings but I have no idea what and where to fix that.

What do you mean by "removing the vNIC (virtual network interface) from the VM and re-add it."?


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If you know what you are doing, then copying the VMDK should generally work. However, exporting an OVA will guarantee it! The OVA includes the VMDK, plus the configuration of the visualised hardware.

I have just played around with VirtualBox and it seems the the vNIC setting I was referring to have changed since I last spent any time with VBox networking...

It seems now that the vNICs are managed in a slightly different way to how I recall... It seems that they can only be enabled/disabled, not removed and added. Perhaps it's worth disabling the current one and enabling a new one? (Under "networking" in your VM settings).

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