New to Observium and I have a custom MailCleaner MIB (MAILCLEANER-MIB.txt) that I want to add to Observium in order to gather additional statics like mail queue, blocked emails etc but can't figure out where in Observium to go about doing that I was hoping someone could guide me.

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TBH I have only had very limited experience with Observium. While we build the appliances, we aren't necessarily experts on the usage of the software.

So posting here was a really sensible place to start, but unfortunately I'm no use to you at all.

I just had a quick google in the hope that I might find something, but I came up blank. :( Probably your best bet will be to try speaking with the Observium community. It seems they only have a mailing list so you'll need to use that.

Just a word of warning though, Please make sure that you ensure that the version of Observium installed is the current version first. We don't immediately release a new appliance when upstream produce a new version. And most upstream software providers focus on their current version. Some can get a bit grumpy if you ask about older version that they no longer support. If you need to update, you'll find the instructions in their docs.

I hope that gets you going in the right direction.

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