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we are getting a Payment method: Method Failed alert when we enter our company credit card.

Stripe accepts it, gives a green check, but then probably something is going wrong.

How can we solve the issue? Forum seems the only way to report issues.

We want to pay of course, and even more important we do not want our server down for any such reason.

Thank you


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When you are logged into the Hub, we have an integrated support portal. So when you are logged in you can either click the "support" link (top menu bar, second from the left) or the blue message icon in the bottom right corner. If those don't work (or aren't displaying), then please make sure that any adblockers or javascript blockers in your browser are disabled. An easy way to ensure that is to use a private/incognito window.

Our support portal provides real time chat (when I'm online). Otherwise I get an email notification and will respond ASAP. If you're not online when I respond, you will get an email notification. You should also automatically get an email transcript of any real time chat too.

You can also use email to contact us (support AT although that is inferior as I will need you to explicitly give me as much info as possible .

For what it's worth, most problem associated with Stripe can be traced back to your bank refusing the payment. It is usually irrelevant if you card "works everywhere else". Once your card has been successfully charged once, then in my experience future charges go through flawlessly. The only time that hiccups can occur is when you update your card.

As for risks to your running infrastructure, we DO NOT kill your account just because your payment gets declined. Although eventually we might. We don't have a specific policy on that but I can guarantee that we would make every effort possible to get in touch with you before we take any action and you could anticipate that you would get a few weeks grace as a minimum.

So please ping me via the Hub's support portal and I can investigate further.

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