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Trying out TurnKey (Tomcat) on Docker today. Have looked at to initialize the image. Trying the option2, non-interactive.

I supplied all the values as per the documentation, but the when I start up the image I am still asked for email for "System notifications and Critical Security Updates". What is the value I need to preseed for that? What do I put if I want to skip?

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Yes that's an unfortunate consequence of us posting documentation as blog posts. We often don't go back and update them...

In this instance, the inithooks docs are up to date and include the required info.

Long story short, to skip the secalerts signup you need to include the line:

Otherwise provide an email address.
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Works great!


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In that document, you might want to update the block "Common to all appliances:" with the SEC_ALERTS option.


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FWIW you should be able to edit that yourself (our docs are a wiki and logged in users should be able to edit them).

Regardless, I have now fixed that issue on both the docs on our website, and the source on GitHub.

However when I was doing that, I realised that actually the issue runs a bit deeper than you noted. There are some old ones (for appliances that we no longer provide) that are no longer relevant, and some other newer ones (for new appliances) missing... I don't have time to fix it just now, but to ensure that it doesn't fall through the cracks I added it to our Issue Tracker.

Thanks again for letting us know. :)

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