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I’m new to TurnKey Linux, and I want to modify an existing app.
I’m using turnkey-tkldev-14.1-jessie-amd64.ova.

I can make that app as well as core as described there:
The recommended “Setup” linked there works fine for me.

However, I’m stuck at “Hello world”:
Executing the first command fails already:
fab-chroot build/root.sandbox/
mount: mount point /turnkey/fab/products/core/build/root.sandbox/proc does not exist

In fact, the build directories are all empty (after make, mind you):
ls build/root.*




What do I need to do for non-empty directories?

Probably related: All packages for the app are downloaded and installed for
every invocation of make, which takes ages.  How to set up the system such
that only updated packages get downloaded and installed?



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Sorry the docs are a bit out of date. After the release of v14.0 (v14.x is based on Debian Jessie) we discovered a regression that made the sandbox do some weird things. We discovered a fix, but that broke the sandbox altogether. We ended up just leaving that as is for now until we can work out a better/proper resolution. But obviously that leaves our docs broken...

Hopefully the discussion further down in that last link may help?

Apologies that the current docs lead you astray. Hopefully we'll tidy that up ASAP, but for now, you'll just need to ignore the bits of the docs that discuss the sandbox...

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