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Hello everybody.
I would to explain you my problem with my OpenVPN server appliance. (Linux Turnkey OpenVPN).
I create a new server, new certicate, file .ovpn server and client (my iPhone), all works perfect. 
The problem born when i have to change IP server from to
After i change IP server i do these:
-I modify files .ovpn server and client, with this: push "route" to push "route"
-I change gateway inside OpenVPN server, works fine.
-I change all static ip of my lan, works fine.
-I change IP forwarding in to my router, works fine.
-I can connect with my dynamic DNS from internet to OpenVPN server, IP forward works fine.
-When VPN is connected i can ping only address, but not other devices...
-If i connect with ssh console in LAN i can ping other devices and router without problem!

I check log into server and i found this: Linux route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 2

Where i wrong? Which other settings i have to do?


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I actually wrote a response within 24 hours but I must have forgotten to hit save and it's gone now... :(

Anyway, in essence, this sounds like a networking configuration issue.

In a private network (i.e. a LAN) that uses 192.168.x.x, unless you explicitly bridge/route 192.168.2.x to 192.168.9.x then devices on the 2 separate subnets can't communicate with one another. That is expected behaviour.

My guess is that you didn't understand the implications of doing what you've done (and you assumed that 192.168.1.x and 192.168.9.x would be able to communicate with one another...

So what were you trying to achieve by configuring your OpenVPN to use a separate subnet? Perhaps there's another way to achevie your ends whilst allowing everything to still work?

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Don't worry Jeremy. ;)
In my country most of routers has configured 192.168.1.x as Home lan.
When i am connected in similar lan i can't connect in VPN to my home pc because we are in the same lan.
In this case i thought to change all IP devices that i have in my home, Turnkey OpenVPN too!
From 192.168.1.x to 192.168.9.x With this configuration i can connect from lan 192.168.1.x to my home 192.168.9.x, NAT work perfectly.
My problem was change NAT or other similar configuration after i changed IP in to Turnkey OpenVPN Appliance, from to
I solved to re-create a new Turnkey OpenVPN Appliance with IP
Which configuration i had to do without re-create a new appliance?

Thank you


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Although it possibly would have been worth re-running the initialization scripts. They can be manually retriggered like this:

However, I suspect that it would have required you to also reconfigure your clients as well.

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