RSS Regex Mistake, Now Disk Full and Rtorrent Not Starting

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I'm new here and just wanted to say hello first!

I've managed to get everything up and running but when I was adding the RSS regex expression I got it wrong and it added 400+ torrents in for download (maxing my disk space and stopping rtorrent).

I've deleted them from /srv/storage/incomming etc but every time I restart rtorrent they are added again and I get into the same loop.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to disable my regex and get it all back and running again?

Also on a side note I have a SMB mount point but the rtorrent user doesnt same to be able to write to the folder (even thought I've given it 777 perms) - anyone have a suggestion for that also?



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Resolved, I edited my filters to make the offending filter much more specific and then deleted the rtorrent.lock file followed by a restart of rtorrent.

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I'm really glad that you worked it out and posted back with the solution. TBH I wasn't 100% sure what you should do, so that's extra awesome! :)

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