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Need help with DNS resolution problems.  My win10 client can successfully connect to the TurnKey OpenVPN server setup on AWS.  I can reach and log into resources by IP, but not DNS.  I can reach the remote DNS server with an nslookup if I specify the DNS server first.  A check of my network settings show that I have Tun0 IP and subnet mask, but DNS settings are missing.  If I only use IP address everything works fine, but using DNS for anything does not.  From my remote host I can reach my freeIPA server by, but not by https://freeipa.ea.dev.  From my internal host (windows server) on AWS, I can reach both and https://freeipa.ea.dev.

My problem is similar to to the post here http://www.softwarepassion.com/solving-dns-problems-with-openvpn-on-ubun... but I tried their fix and nothing changed.  

OpenVPN Server Info

  • AWS Turnkey Version 14.1
  • Debian 8

Client Info

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OSX
  • Centos 7

Can anyone tell me what setting I need to change to provide DNS settings to my remote clients?




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But my guess is that your client is configured to use a DNS that is not available within your VPN (e.g. an ISP DNS server). The fact that you can contact servers via IP address, and even get DNS when you explicitly state the nameserver to use, supports that theory IMO. Although like I say, I'm not OpenVPN expert and have very little practical experience so maybe I'm missing something important...?!

From what I can gather, the link that you provide is for an Ubuntu client OpenVPN connection. I.e. it's configuring the Ubuntu client machine to update it's DNS config when it's connected to the OpenVPN server. So I'm guessing you would need to work out the equivalent instructions for a Win box to get that working? Is that what you did? I'm guessing that those instructions (with some slight tweaking) may work for your CentOS client but I don't know anythign about CentOS so I'm not sure...

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