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Why does the option for Gears still exist if Gears has been offline for 6 years?


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I'm pretty sure that's part of the Webmin theme we use by default.

I have lodged a "feature request" to remove it to our issue tracker. TBH though, it's not really a high priority.

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I can certainly understand how it may appear that way, but it's not quite like that.

We do care about details. I'd like to think that the issues that we have noted on our tracker demonstrate the level of detail which we do care about.

However, as the volume of open issues on our tracker suggests, we have a severe labor bottleneck. Anything we decide to focus on means that hundreds of other things have to be put aside. So we need to prioritise everything that we do. That means firstly, fixing things that are broken. And secondly implementing features that make TurnKey easier to use and/or are commonly requested. Not to mention other things like maintaining our library of appliances and other jobs like website upgrade (long overdue - look at this old, clunky looking website!). Plus we have paying customers whom we need to support.

So it's not that we don't care about details such as that. It's just that removing an old invalid feature, that doesn't actually cause any real problems (other than it doesn't work) is a pretty low priority. FWIW I'm currently working on integrating free SSL certificates into our next release. After that I will be focusing on getting a new Core version released, then updating the entire library. IMO those things have much greater value, to many more people, than removing the gears stuff from Webmin.

If you'd like to see that particular issue given higher priority, we gladly accept community contributions. So please feel free to work on it yourself (if that's something within your ability) and/or sponsor it (so someone else with the ability can get some financial reward to take it on). All of our code is on GitHub and we warmly welcome any sort of collaboration.

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