Hello @ all,

I am testing the Turnkey Samba Active Directory server now for a few days and having some problems with permissions on a 2012R2 Server with AD Domain Administrator accouts.


Usually it seems that I have admin permissions with this account. I see the dom admin user in "Local Users and Groups" group "Administrators". And I can administrer the pc. 



But, when I try to install a MSSQL Server 2016, I am getting errors that the account has unsufficient permissions.



I also have connected my "Active Directory Users and Computers" mmc to the Turnkey server without problems. Have the ability to create OUs and Groups. But when I try to create a User, I also get an error of permissions.



Do I really have to create all users out of webmin?

And why I have not enough permissions to install MSSQL Server?


Thanks a lot for any hint!





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What are you using to administer your TurnKey Domain Controller? RSAT? If not, then have a look at the Samba wiki. A quick Google turned up a blog post that looks like it might be helpful if you want more of a tutorial walk through. I only scanned it though, so not sure.

Keep in mind that TurnKey is based on Debian, so v14.x = Jessie/8. We use the Debian package of Samba which is currently 4.2.14. Armed with that info you should be able to find plenty of info via google.

Please let us know how you go. If you can confirm that our appliance requires some improvements, we'll lodge bugs/feature requests on our issue tracker and aim to fix them for the upcoming v14.2 release. We should also improve our docs too.

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